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Då tragedin närs vid vår barm
Uttalar vi djävulens namn
Ondskan är vi
Tyngda av skam
All sympati
Dör i var famn
Då tragedin närs vid vår barm
Åkallar vi djävulen


Obscuring our world
We don’t want to see
We don’t want to hear

Time is running out
We don’t want to know
We don’t want to act

Lack of empathy
What’s this feeling inside of me
Never mind throw away the key
Birth of tragedy
Hail the black sun of tyranny
I’m the monarch who should not be
Hear our threnody

We will fall
We gather our sons
We march to war
Hate them
Hate is our banner
Love is our whore
Rape them
Rape all the women
Rape our land
Shame on us
Scum of the earth

We could have conquered it all
Now everything is falling apart
The eclipse will be our downfall
If we let it consume our hearts
It consumes our hearts


Black sludge
Flowing down the river bed
Below the surface, a colossus
Dark tongue
Speaking of the bitter end
The insane
Carving our names on tombstones

An act of disservice
There is nothing new
Give up and ignore the chosen
To break through the dam
Inside of you

Afraid to hope in vain
Force the end

Our world’s new state
Lying in wait
The dawn is rising
The dawn is here

The embers glowing at dawn
The ashes of our past
It’s spreading over our soil
It’s spreading sickness and mould Corrupting what was thriving
The embers glowing at dawn
The righteous overthrowing the unjust

The chosen ones are overthrown
The wall will wither and fade
Towers skeletal and overgrown
A sign reminding us of our duty

Religio solis atri
Ecliptica anima
Ljuset som släcks
Solen går ner
Över vår tid


As we worship the black sun

Black tongues
Whisper in your ear
Clouded minds are dragged into the dark Black light
Right and wrong obscured
Importance is the face of emptiness

Shines upon us
Question everything

Cannot be won
As we worship the black sun

It spits you in the face
Honour is replaced by disrespect
Death to them all
The blood of the unrighteous will be shed

Fight back
Cut out their tongues
The lies can’t be accepted anymore
Together we are one
Enlightened we shall march into the sun

It shall be won
As we worship the black sun


Fear them
Hate them
Us against those we don’t know
We are superior
My life is worth more than yours

Ignore them
Shun them
Their suffering is not ours to bear
Not our problem
Turn away

Fallen from grace
Ignorance will break us
Fallen from grace
Arrogance will break us down

World in turmoil
Spiraling out of control
Fight for nothing
Care about none but your own

Fire engulfing them all
Hear them screaming
The ultimate price we pay to win the war

Watch them suffer
Shrug as they are killed
Silent voices
Proclaim our guilt fulfilled
How deep is this abyss?
If this is what we are we will not be missed

Ignorera allt som är vidrigt
Befrämja misslyckandet
Slit ut ditt hjärta
Avsäg allt ansvar
Världar av smärta
Allt som finns kvar

Oceans of dust
Mouth full of soil
Ravenous lust
Drowning in oil


Feeding the withered machine
And its wasted means
A sombre plight, a writ of right
Absence of light
Receding are our vaults of wisdom
In this state
An abysmal vision
A result of our clouded sight

Broken is the wheel
A guilty man’s appeal
Terra Mater will not kneel
As we plummet towards the end

There is no hope
There is no future here

You’ll find no life
You’ll find no solace here

Meadows barren
Bereft of life
The path of the Great Auk
It will guide the way to oblivion
Candid extinction

She will not kneel
As we plummet towards the end


Carried from birth
Never got past the scars
It pulls me down
I have to find the missing piece

My gift to you
Sons and daughters
I give it to you
Drink from my empty chalice

I am a hunter
You are my prey
I am a hunter
Gone astray

Closer and closer
Tearing myself apart
Closer and closer
It’s tearing us apart

I have lost myself in the night
Tongue and claw of spite
Still I’m finding nothing

Arvet och bördan
Jakten på föda

Lögnens moder
Ger oss orden
Dömda horder
Bränner jorden


Hör den mana
En andakt
Solblind fana
Ett förakt
Dyrkan som skapat stimuli
Dyrkan som skapat dystopi

Regnum tyrannidis ultimat

Vaknande lotus
Kraften vi finner
Inom oss
Andas med fokus
Elden som brinner
Inom oss


Walls closing in
Trapped here for ages
Never seen the light
Buried deep inside
Fear taking control
Ignorance turned to hatred
I am the son of man
I am the sum of all the pieces

Entangled in disorder
Awakening the light

Fire within us
Souls ablaze
Abandon the old ways

Walls caving in
Revealing what’s inside
Veil of smoke unravels
Connect with the divine

Embers incandescent
Breathe to feed the hungry flame
Rising of the serpent
I must burn to be alive

Gaze turned inwards
Physical world dissolves
Attachment disconnected
Staring into the abyss
Reflection of the soul
Beneath the surface
Flames ascending
Energy conquers all

The blood on your hands
The serpent


Sun setting in the distance
Standing on the summit
The day of reckoning
Rise to justify your existence
Facing judgement for deeds so sickening

Remembrance lost
I don’t know who I am
Repentance lost
My heart is black

The past is laid to rest
Burn it all
Stand or fall

Cries of the dead and the dying
Echo across the barren land
Filled with shame
The history you are writing in blood
Slaughtering everything
With sword in hand

Earth trembling below
In a death rattle
Lament of our souls
A sorrowful choir
None shall stand victorious from this battle
Our acquiescent choice
To build a funeral pyre
And the flames grow higher

Crumble and fall
The ways of old
Burning it all
Stand or fall

Requiem æternam dona eis
Lux perpetua luceat eis

Dies iræ, dies illa,
Solvet sæclum in favilla

Quantus tremor est futurus,
Quando iudex est venturus

Iudex ergo cum sedebit,
Quidquid latet, apparebit:
Nil inultum remanebit

Music and lyrics written and performed by Diabolical

Produced by Sverker Widgren

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Wing Studios

Sverker Widgren – lead vocals, guitar
Carl Stjärnlöv – vocals, guitar
Dan Darforth – vocals, bass
Pär Johansson – vocals, drums


Susanne Baldefors
Kristin Bennsten
Brynja Birkis
Maya Nalani
Isabelle Forslund
Ulrika Goliats Fredriksson
Arcadia Hugosson-Miller
Mona Khoshoi
Jenny Mildton
Elisabet Myrby

Hanna Nilsson
Federica Ometto
Erik Broberg
Nelson Hugosson-Miller
Peter Hugosson-Miller
Linus Josefsson
Alan McCahey
Daniel Oliver
Gary Walker
Oskar Werkelin Ahlin

Artwork by Carl Stjärnlöv and Pär Johansson

Cover photo by Jens Rydén

Jens Rydén
Gustavo Oliveira
Tobias Larsson
Hugh Han
Kevin Grieve
Jay Ruzesky
Ylanite Koppens
Johannes Pleino